You want to get married

If you want to get married in a civil court (el Juzgado) or in the Villanueva de la Cañada town hall (in Spain, both are possible), here are the steps to follow. 

Marital file for Registry Office

 To obtain the marital file, you must go to the Registry Office affiliated to the population were one of the persons is in the census. It is important to keep in mind that as long as the judge has not granted the resolution of the file, and that it was not approved and complete, the marriage cannot be granted. 

The request has to come from both members of the couple, who have to come together to the Registry Office. 

The documents to provide are:

  • a copy of the ID or passport of each solicitor
  • a birth certificate of both solicitors, each obtained in their corresponding Registry Office
  • for each solicitor, proof of census or of residence, for the past two years
  • the Marriage Application, which facilitates the registering, signed by both solicitors.

 In addition to the previous documents, you also have to bring:


-For minors:

  • If you are over 16 years old, your birth certificate has to mention your emancipation
  • If you are over 14 but under 16, you have to obtain a judiciary exemption from statutory age limit.


-For divorced, or annulled marriage

  • a marriage certificate of your previous marriage, with an annulment or divorce annotation


-For widows/widowers

  • a marriage certificate of your previous marriage
  • a death certificate of your previous spouse


-For foreigners

  • a certificate of your consular registering 
  • an accreditation of the current law of your country
  • in both cases, a certificate of the fact that you are allowed to marry

If you are exiled, political refugee or political asylum seeker, you need to provide a certificate delivered from the General Police Headquarters, the ACNUR, the Red-Cross or from any other competent organization, with all your personal information that accredit your condition. 

All documents that were not written in Spanish will have to be translated by a sworn translator, and be approved by the Foreign Affairs Department (C/Serrano Galvache, 26 – Madrid). La Apostilla de la Haya is in possession of all necessary documents. 

The solicitors who do not speak Spanish will have to come with a sworn translator or with an interpreter. 

The holders will have to come to the Registry Office on the appointed day with the documents previously mentioned, and with a witness aged over 18 to ratify the marriage before the judge, via a juridical declaration. 

In general, these proceedings last two months. Once the judge in charge of the file approves it as complete, only then can the marriage be performed. 

If the file was filled in a different Registry Officefrom that Villanueva de la Cañada, the future newlyweds will have to personally recover it and bring it to this Registry Office  (which will make sure the town hall receives it if the marriage is celebrated in the town hall).

If all the proceedings were carried out in Villanueva de la Cañada’s Registry Officeand the marriage is celebrated in this town hall, the Registry Officewill mention it to the town hall.


Juzgado de Paz y Registro Civil Delegado

Avda. de Gaudí, 23
Tel.: 918117790
Office hours: from 9:30am to 1:30pm


Civil marriage in Villanueva de la Cañada’s town hall


The date of the wedding has to be decided according to the Mayor’s schedule, or if this is your case, to the municipal counsellor in charge of your marriage. 

Once the date is decided, you must send the Registry Office a written demand  in order to be able to pay the tax for the use of the  Salón de Plenos (regularized order for the use of municipal dependences). 

Amount of the tax: 

For people who are in the census: from Monday to Friday (no holyday) 100€, other days 150€ 

For people who are not in the census: from Monday to Friday (no holyday) 200€, other days 300€ 

You must communicate names and ID of the people to be married.

 Casa Consistorial

Plaza de España, 1
Tfno.: 918117300
Horario: De lunes a viernes, de 9:00 a 14:00 horas