You are looking for work

If you are looking for work, in addition to the use of traditional techniques (such as sending CVs, reading classified advertising, etc.), the best thing is to register in the Institutional Unemployment Services. In the case of Villanueva de la Cañada, these are:

  • the Regional Unemployment Service of the Community of Madrid
  • the Local Development Bureau of the Town Hall of Villanueva de la Cañada

Furthermore, you will find all necessary information to work in foreign countries. 

Regional Service of Unemployment

You have to go to the corresponding Unemployment office. In the case of Villanueva de la Cañada: 

Oficina de Empleo de Majadahonda
Ronda de Carralero, s/n
28220 – Majadahonda
Tel. 916340528 – 916340592

 In this centre, you will be supplied a file, and it is possible to apply in various sectors. Once this file is filled out, you will be asked to come for a personal interview in order to complete the given information. From this point, you will be registered in the database of job-seekers.



  •  to be over 16 years old
  • be either Spanish, member of the European Union, or non-communitarian worker but in possession of a current resident’s permit
  • be valid for work




  • the file you were supplied in the Unemployment Office
  • (if you are Spanish or a member of the European Community) current ID or passport
  • (if you are not a member of the Community) authorization to work and current resident’s permit
  • Social Security card if you have previously worked in Spain
  • a proof of your professional or academic title (if you have one)
  • a proof of handicap (if this is your case) 

Once the enrolled, the job-seeker must renew his request in the dates given, go to the Unemployment Office when he is asked, and communicate any variation concerning his personal and professional information.

More information on the following websites: 

Regional Unemployment Service

State Unemployment Service

 Local Development Bureau


The Local Development Bureau has developed programs for employment and training, both for  employers and companies. It uses, among other things, an Employment database, that allows handling employment offers in Villanueva de la Cañada.

 More information on its website


Working in a foreign country




The EURES web (European Employment Services) is a collaborative web between the Public Services of Employment of all member countries of the European Economic Area, to facilitate workers’ free circulation. A European citizen can decide to settle in any country, without needing a special authorization, and with the same rights as the natives. 

Thanks to this website, the Portal de la Movilidad Profesional (Professional Mobility Portal), the EURES web offers to workers and employer’s information, assistance and job seeking services. Among others, it suggests in 31 different countries the CV of the candidates interested in the vacant places, as well as all the necessary information to work and live in a foreign country. 

More information on EURES web



 In case you were offered a position in a foreign country, this Administration department carries out various services to immigrants before they would leave Spain.

  •  Free management, expedition and carrying out of the proceedings for necessary documents to emigrate.
  • Management and supervisory control of general conditions concerning the contracts between Spanish workers and foreign firms.
  • Cover for travelling accident risks
  • Information concerning socio-professional, economic and juridical conditions in the various hosting countries.


Dirección General de Ordenación de las Migraciones
C/José Abascal, 39 
28003 – Madrid
Tfno.: 913637000
Portal for abroad Spanish citizenship