The establishment of two private universities —Alfonso X el Sabio, in 1994, and Camilo José Cela, six years later- turns the municipality into a “university campus” with 20.000 students. 50% of these students, who come from other regions of Spain, live in Villanueva de la Cañada during the school year and their presence has encouraged an unprecedented cultural exchange. 


University  Alfonso X El Sabio

Alfonso X el Sabio University is the first private university to be approved by the Cortes Generales. A business University, this prestigious institution offers its students an excellent education and practical formation that will enable a successful transition on the labour market.

Since its beginnings, the UAX has been working along the philosophy that Plan Bologna is attempting to extend to all higher education institutions: excellence, internships, international projection, etc. In the current climate of change, this makes UAX fully compatible with the European Space of Higher Education and able to provide the best preparation for its students.

Avenida de la Universidad, 1
Tel.: 91 810 92 00
Fax: 91 810 91 02


University Camilo José Cela

The University of Camillo José Cela was founded in 2000, supported by the Education Institution SEK with over a century of experience, an excellent  university education project and the aim to create “global universities”: professionally prepared young adults with a comprehensive vision of society and the world they live in.

The UCJC is a free, independent and modern university with an extensive degree syllabus and perfectly adapted to the needs of current society.

The education provided is continuous, with teachers focused on the students and the use of innovational teaching methods.

C/ Castillo de Alarcón, 49
Tel.: 91 815 31 31
Fax: 91 815 31 30