Twin Cities


“World co-operation between municipalities is a natural complement to co-operation between States and intergovernmental organizations,” according to resolution 2861 adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1971 during its twenty-sixth session. Villanueva de la Cañada has already accepted the invitation of the General Assembly twinning with three foreign municipalities.   

Metepec (Mexico)
This municipality lies 5 mi from Toluca de Lerdo, capital of the state of Mexico. Metepec, whose name means “hill of the maguey” in Náhuatl, was founded in 1554 and holds a population of 225.000 inhabitants. (site only in Spanish)

Madaba Alkubra (Jordan)

This municipality, located 18.7 mi from Amman, and it was a real mosaic school in the Byzantine times. Mount Nebo, where the Hebrew prophet Moses died after having been given a view of the Promised Land that God was giving to the Israelites, can be found 10 minutes from Madaba. The breathtaking view found here overlooks the Dead Sea and the rooftops of Jerusalem.

 Le Vésinet (France)

This municipality is located 10.2 mi from Paris and hosts an area of 5 km2 and a population of 16.000 inhabitants. Ecological activity is one of the charming characteristics of this little town that has been given the French distinction of “Ville-parc”. Its natural beauty has fascinated world-renowned celebrities to produce notable works of art and literature including the musician Bizet or the poet Apollinaire.

 Royston (United Kingdom)

Besides, they are also planning signing a new twinning agreement with Royston (United Kingdom). This British holds a population of 17 000,  is located in the county of Hertfordshire, and 43 mi from London and 9.32 mi from Cambridge.


Twinning Council

 The town council has created the Twinning Council in order to channel the participation of its citizens in the decision making regarding twinning. The Twinning Council depends on the town hall’s Department of Culture and Citizen’s Participation which coordinates the help been given by the Villanueva de la Cañada’s residents and the rest of the socio-cultural institutions of the town.

 The main aims of the Twinning Council are to support and organise courses and conferences regarding topics of common interest for twinning towns, such as the exchange of teachers and students, as well as exhibitions that make the mutual knowledge among cultures easier; to prepare fairs and markets of local products; to promote the contact between businessmen and craftsmen, and to host activities that promote tourism.    

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