A relative dies

Obtaining the medical death certificate

To proceed to the registration when a person dies, it is necessary to have filled in the medical death certificate or the judiciary inscription order (in case a judiciary organization takes care of the proceedings). 

The death certificate can be obtained from any doctor confirming the death of the person. This document must mention:

  • the doctor’s identity and the date and hour of the confirmation of death
  • the deceased’s identity

 This certificate has a formal requisite: it has to be labelled by the form exclusively obtained from the General Counsellor of the Spanish Doctors Organisation, which decides its price. This document eases the proceedings, and is available at any “estanco” (tobacconist’s). 

According to the Spanish Doctors Organisation, doctors must deliver it without a fee. 


Registering the death in the Registry


Death has important civil consequences as soon as it occurs, but to be fully recognised, the place of the death must be specified in the Registry Office. 

This proceeding is generally carried out by the funeral undertaker staff, although it can be carried out by the closest relatives. 

The death registering is done at the Registry Office, having brought the death certificate, -free, supplied by the Registry Office- and a copy of the ID of the deceased and of the solicitor. This proceeding has to be carried out in the 24 hours following the death and before the funeral -in other words, as long as this proceeding has not been carried out, the funeral/cremation licence will not be delivered.


Obtaining the funeral licence

The funeral licence is the authorisation delivered once the death was declared by the Registry Office representative. The Registry law specifies that as long as the death registering was not carried out, the funeral/cremation licence cannot be delivered. The funeral/cremation has to happen at least 24 hours after the death. 


Funeral or cremation


In order to proceed to the funeral, one needs the funeral licence. In general, a dead body cannot be buried until 24 hours after its death or 48 hours after, except in the case of a judiciary authority’s intervention. The proceedings are: 


  • a medical death certificate
  • a certificate of the death registration in the Registry Office
  • the funeral licence



The proceedings are the same as for the funeral; in addition, one needs to be in possession of the final will and testament of the deceased which certifies that the deceased wanted to be cremated. The family has to specify it to the doctor, so that he can make it appear on the death certificate.


Municipal Cemetery of Villanueva de la Cañada

The Cemetery of Villanueva de la Cañada is made of a two-room funeral home. 

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