Sala Aulencia de Villanueva de la CañadaOne of the most important elements on the city's cultural scene is the Lázaro Carreter Municipal Library, inaugurated in 2002. During its first year, more than 50,000 people passed through its doors. Nowadays there are over 17.000 volumes available in the form of both bibliographical and audiovisual material. Furthermore, numerous activities to encourage reading, mainly for children, take place in the library.

The “La Despernada” Cultural Centre houses the majority of the cultural activities which are programmed every year. It is used for a broad range of activities, including drama, concerts and art exhibitions. There is also a programme of activities offered by the Municipal Schools of Music and Dance, Art and English, where students prepare for the Cambridge University Examinations.

Concejalía de Cultura

Centro Cultural la Despernada

C/ Olivar, 10

28691 – Villanueva de la Cañada

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